Don’t scream at people and kick their cars

We’ve all been in a road rage situation. It’s no fun on either side. Try to remember that ranting like a psychopath tends not to improve a situation. See below for an example of what not to do… Note how the driver being screamed at is unable to exchange insurance information with the other driver, […]

Judge not lest ye be judged yourself

If you dare to wear those fancy robes and whatever other bullshit garb that goes with being a judge, you better judge your own behaviour harder than anyone else’s otherwise shit like this happens: Massive douche tip: If you’re a judge, follow the fucking law.

Don’t murder children

Just because you’re not a good enough baby sitter to deal with a crying toddler doesn’t mean you get to punch the kid in the face until it’s dead. And just because you’re blonde and have blue eyes doesn’t mean you’ll get away with murder. What a fucking monster. 25 years is not long enough […]

Justice Porn

Ever heard of Justice Porn? Justice Porn is seeing just in action in a situation where it is extremely satisfying because of the actions or personality of the wrong-doer. This video has heaps of great examples. Massive douche tip: What goes around comes around.