Don’t abuse positions of power to blame women for speaking up

There are some real shitheads out there, but recently it’s been like there are a bunch of men vying for the title of 2018’s most massive douche.

I guess that’s not so different to any other year, but it’s the outright hypocrisy of the current contenders that’s doing my head in.

The two I want to point out today are Brett Kavanaugh and Lindsay Graham. Check out what The Washington Post has to say about them.

Seriously, fuck those two in particular.


It’s so utterly revolting watching this pair rant and rave in an effort to avoid allowing the investigation of the credible claims of an accomplished woman who is very clearly uncomfortable to be under the eyes of the world but is drawing upon all her courage to speak up anyway.

The entitlement. The selfishness. The hypocrisy. It’s astonishing.

What sort of judge is not the first to request an investigation into a suspected crime? I’ll tell you… a dodgey judge; A biased judge; an untrustworthy judge.

And what sort of politician tries to force through a judge who wants to avoid an investigation into credible accusations? I’ll tell you that too… a politician who doesn’t give a shit about due process or what is right; an untrustworthy politician; a politician who is more interested in grasping the opportunity to bias the highest court in the land than he is in ensuring that court is legitimate.

I was so happy to see the outrage in response to this hearing and learn that the two women who confronted Flake in that elevator got their wish and an FBI investigation will now be completed.

Fit the sake of women everywhere, let’s hope Kavanaugh never gets near that Supreme Court seat.

Massive douche tip: get your head out of your rich, entitled ass

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