Massive douche drives girlfriend crazy

This video is titled “Psycho Girlfriend Breaks iPad” but it should be titled “Massive douche drives girlfriend crazy with his douchebaggery”.

There’s something not right with the whole dynamic of this group of people. For starters, who sneaks in to video a fight between a boyfriend and girlfriend? What sort of guy sits there sending messages about how controlling and manipulative his girlfriend is while she’s trying to get him to stop focusing on his device long enough for them to go out on a date or have an uninterrupted conversation? A massive douche, that’s who.

I really feel for the woman in this video. It’s obvious that her boyfriend’s not been giving his devices and computer games attention over her for a long time. Unfortunately for her, we see the fallout of all that built up frustration and annoyance burst out in the few seconds it takes her to destroy his iPad. She obviously shouldn’t have smashed the iPad but I don’t think it ranks her as a crazy bitch, I think it shows just how infuriated she is with her boyfriend’s ridiculous behaviour.

His smug, douchebag smile doesn’t help.

Screenshot 2015-04-15 10.17.22
The smug smile doesn’t help.
Screenshot 2015-04-15 10.19.39
The “What did I do” expression is a great way to insult the person talking to you.
Screenshot 2015-04-15 10.19.40
The antlers behind him is just bad luck, but the pointing with the you’re being a naughty child eyes is all on him.


Screenshot 2015-04-15 10.19.41
He actually claps at his furious girlfriend in an effort to calm her down. This is so condescending, I’m not surprised by what it leads her to.
Screenshot 2015-04-15 10.22.05
The sight of his destroyed iPad leads to the Rocket Man pose of fury. At no point does he connect the dots between what she’s saying and how his dismissing it is only making the situation worse.
Screenshot 2015-04-15 10.22.07
Then he throws the head turn of rage at her to show her just how angry he is about the broken iPad and how his wallet suffered to make the purchase of said device. Aggressive posing at your girlfriend is way uncool and definitely in douche bag territory.



Screenshot 2015-04-15 10.22.04
After smashing his iPad in a rage because it’s the only way she could get him to listen to her, he claps at her again and tries to convince her that she’s lost control of her emotions. Sure she went too far but his clapping at her is just as silly. He still refuses to actually listen to what she’s saying and instead tries to clap her into submission.
Screenshot 2015-04-15 10.22.08
Look at the body language. He saying I’m angry that you broke my toy, and she’s saying give me something here, please?! She’s practically begging him to stop blocking out what she’s saying and he’s still only focused on his iPad and looking at her as the criminal who destroyed it.


Massive douche tip: Never clap at someone and tell them to calm down when they’re already furious at you.


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