It’s wonderful to have love for your children and it’s very important to let your kids know how much you love them, but for the love of Christ, please don’t get a tattoo of your child on your face.

There are many reasons not to do this. One reason is that your kid is going to grow up getting bullied mercilessly about the fact that his dad is a moron with a tattoo of him on his face.

Another good reason is that while your child is growing up, they’re going to do stupid and mean shit. Think about it, when your kid is having a teenage tantrum and yelling at you about how much he hates you, you’re gonna be stating back at him feeling like a complete knob for thinking it was a good idea to celebrate your love for that little shit in such a public way.

Yet another good reason not to do this is the point made by the commenter in the picture who points out that having a massive tattoo on your face is going to make it more difficult to find work and WELFARE wasn’t intended for helping out people who intentionally ruin their opportunities to find work.

The guy in this picture is a massive douche, pure and simple.

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