Don’t try to jump the queue

Wait your fucking turn or you might just get maced in the face. Yeah, she shouldn’t have maced him but let’s face it, if you had mace on you and you were dealing with this massive douche, you wouldn’t have been able to resist using it either. Massive douche tip: Nobody likes a queue jumper.

Do not talk shit to MMA fighters

Even if the MMA fighter you’re talking to has retired from competition like Josh Neer, don’t talk shit to them. And definitely don’t challenge them to a fight over and over and over until they feel like they have to fight you just to get you to shut up! And then, after the guy you […]

Do not sneak up behind strangers with scissors in your hands

These fucking idiots decided that, because they don’t like a particular hairstyle, they should go around cutting hair off strangers. Turns out that it’s illegal to go around sneaking up on people with scissors and cutting them and/or their hair in the process of your vigilante fashion policing. And it fucking should be, because you […]