Don’t grab a person’s phone If you’re willing to risk your life for attention on the internet, you are a massive douche. While someone you’ve just ‘pranked’ slips into a blind rage and pummels your skull until it shatters, do you really want your last words to be “It was a prank.”? Massive douche tip: Do unto others as […]

Do not terrify your girlfriend for your own amusement

This video has taken on a life of its own on the internet in the past few days. There’s good reason for it, too because this is an example of possibly the most douchey thing I’ve seen a human being do for quite a while. Check it out: I was a young bloke once. […]

Tit for tat during sexy time

Fellas, this one’s about sex and about how you’re probably way worse at it than you realise. Louis C.K. is going to teach you a few things here, try to take them on board. Louis starts off by talking about what it’s like to be a man. He mentions that we’re trapped in the prison […]

Do not bury people

So this woman flew from Southern France to Morocco to meet the guy she’d been flirting with online and all was going well until she passed out on the floor in this guy’s home. I guess she forgot to mention that she was diabetic and prone to collapse because admiral brain-free here freaked the fuck […]

Treat your friends like friends

I love a good practical joke but there’s been a trend on youtube in recent times to act like a massive douche to complete strangers, make fun of the strangers’ normal and natural response to an absurd and often frightening situation, and then try to make money by posting the video of the incident. Like […]

It is not hammer time

I don’t speak Russian. Maybe I’m missing some valid explanation for a group of grown men attacking each other with hammers. My hunch however, is that there is no good reason, that this is just mindless, primate level violence. You decide… These guys sound like a bunch of chimps with the way they’re screeching […]

On the other hand, don’t start shit

Starting a fight is almost always a douche manoeuvre. Don’t do it. Especially don’t do it when the fight isn’t going to be fair. If you enjoy being violent there are many different ways to vent that out in acceptable arenas such us by playing a full contact sport, or y’know, taking up boxing or […]