Do not sneak up behind strangers with scissors in your hands

These fucking idiots decided that, because they don’t like a particular hairstyle, they should go around cutting hair off strangers.

Turns out that it’s illegal to go around sneaking up on people with scissors and cutting them and/or their hair in the process of your vigilante fashion policing. And it fucking should be, because you don’t get to decide how other people look. Wanting to control how other people look, think, and act is solidly along the pathway to becoming a massive douche. They guys in this video have already attained massive douche status.

The whole video is ridiculous to me but what really pushes it to a whole new level for me is the irony of just how ridiculous these fashionista scissor snipper guys look. To my eyes, if anyone should be sorted out by some fashion police, it’s these guys. But fashion is, of course, to do with personal taste, so no matter how ridiculous I personally think the ‘stars’ of this show look, I don’t think anyone has the right to alter that on their behalf without their consent.

It would be exaggeration to suggest that what we see in this video is even remotely like watching a modern version of the ancient practice of scalping, something that was common in the genocidal efforts throughout history, but when I watched it, that’s exactly what I was reminded of. This shit is not cool. So, totally not cool!

Massive douche tip: Don’t cut hair off people who didn’t specifically ask you to do so.

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