Not ideal

A gunman walked into a cafe in Sydney and took everyone in there as a hostage. The drama of this scenario played out over the course of a day and a half, coming to an end with a hail of bullets, the death of the gunman, two hostages and several others injured.

Why the hell did this happen? Because the gunman had his own idea on what is right and wrong.

The Australian government welcomed this man into Australia as a refugee. He was fleeing from Iran, a country which has had more than its fair share of conflict over the past few decades. One of the great things about a country like Australia is its inherent generosity, its willingness to provide refuge to those who need it, regardless on the differences in their culture and beliefs to those more commonly held by the general population.

The man who took those people hostage did not show appreciation for Australia’s generosity. Prior to the hostage situation, he had sent vulgar and cruel letters to the families of Australian soldiers who had died at war. He had defended his right to do so all the way to the supreme court.

If you ever feel you have to defend your right to be an asshole all the way to the highest court in the country you’ve begged to house you because your own country is unsafe, you should at least recognise that you are a revolting piece of shit who should not be giving anyone advice about how to be a good person.

The man who held those people hostage fought on for his right to tell the families of those fallen soldiers that they were ‘pigs’ and ‘infidels’ and that their deaths were punishment for not following the god in which he puts his faith.

The man who would eventually bring Australia to a standstill with that hostage situation also had been strongly implicated in the death of his ex-wife. His ex-wife died from stab wounds, about 27 of them in total, if I recall correctly. Perhaps my memory deceives me but I also recall mention of acid being thrown on her face. I’m not going to look it up because I’m sick to death of reading about this monster already, but I’m sure you can find it if you want.

That’s not all though, the man who forced those hostages to hold a flag up against the windows of that cafe for hours on end was also under investigation for roughly 50 counts of sexual assault against women.

So that’s the sort of man we’re talking about. A man who abuses women and has them murdered. A man who decides for himself that he’s above his fellow believers and gives himself the title of Sheik. A man who accepts the generosity of a modern society, and then spits in its face by abusing the priveliges living there has bestowed on him.

I’m not going to supply his name. His name should die with him. He should get no infamy. He should get no ‘glory’ from the other hate-filled people who believe the things he believed.

He should be fed to the pigs he thinks are so dirty and fall out of them as feces. At least then he would finally take on his true form.

Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want. You have the right to hate whoever you want for whatever reason you want. You do not have the right to act however you want. You don’t have the right to impose your hate on people through violence and cruelty. You do not have the right to impose your beliefs on those around you. Your beliefs belong inside you, you may share them if you choose to but don’t expect people to accept them, and don’t expect them accept a person whose beliefs they see as revolting, just because you don’t see your beliefs as revolting.

In Australia, this man was given the freedom to believe as he wished. He left his home because he feared for his life there, and then he came to Australia and chose to make people fear for theirs. I’ve called him a man here, but he’s no man. He’s no human. He’s less than that. He was a terrorist and a fool, and the world is better for his extermination.

Never let your ideology become someone else’s problem.

Massive douche tip: Kindness is not weakness, it a symptom of true strength.

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