Do not bury people

So this woman flew from Southern France to Morocco to meet the guy she’d been flirting with online and all was going well until she passed out on the floor in this guy’s home.

Beautiful Morocco. Keep your eyes open if you ever visit.
Beautiful Morocco. Keep your eyes open if you ever visit.

I guess she forgot to mention that she was diabetic and prone to collapse because admiral brain-free here freaked the fuck out and assumed she’d up and died on him.

At this point our Moroccan Casanova had two options, he could:

  1. Contact his local police and/or medical service and have them take care of this difficult situation according to the standard processes in that locale or
  2. He could bury the still breathing woman in his back yard.

Guess which of these options is the option a massive douche would choose… yep, option b. So, we have no choice but to consider our Moroccan ladies’ man a complete and utter massive douche. Seriously. If someone collapses, your first thought should not be “Ah man, now I gotta dig a big friggin hole.”.

Massive douche tip: It’s very, very unlikely that burying a person is ever the right decision to make, so please don’t do that.

More details on this story are available here

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