Do not drug and rape women while criticizing the behaviour of others

Alright, drugging people against their knowledge, that’s massively douchey. Raping people, that’s super fucked up. Either of those alone is enough to rank you as a massive douche in my book, to do both in combination while pretending to be a good family man and all round nice guy and pointing the finger at others for having flaws is about the most massively douchey thing I’ve ever heard.

Surely by now everyone has heard of the accusations against Bill Cosby. Here’s Hannibal Buress to catch you up if you’re somehow out of the loop.

The allegation that Cosby had drugged and raped young women was not new, but Buress calling it out in front of so many people triggered a massive new wave of interest and new allegations began to arise.

It turns out that the accusations were far more numerous than anyone could have predicted at the time. At this point, no less than 45 women have accused Bill Cosby of rape.


Can you imaging just how much of a douche you must have been to even just be accused of raping 45 women? And if you were accused of raping 45 women, don’t you think you’d have a better response than this?

Of course, Bill Cosby believes he’s untouchable, and suggested that his media team try to help him get past all these annoying rape accusations by getting those internet people to make funny memes about him. The thing is, the people of the internet are very good at making fun of things and, strangely enough, seem to fucking hate serial rapists that spent their whole careers pretending to be clean cut, father figures. And that’s how you end up with these:


At this stage, even Cosby’s strongest defenders are starting to accept that there’s very little chance that he’s not guilty of being a serial rapists, especially because he admitted to getting drugs to use to have sex with young women.

It’s against the law for anyone to say that Cosby is definitely a rapist, because without an actual conviction for it, you can get done for libel for saying that, but when the President of the United States of America calls you out as a rapist, the rest of us feel pretty safe calling you a massive douche.

There’s so much more to say on the matter but it can all be summed up effectively with five words: Bill Cosby is a massive douche.

Massive douche tip: Just because someone cannot stop you raping them doesn’t mean they consented to your sexual advances, you sick, creepy looking, dead eyed monster.

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