Another reason not to hit a woman

I was told constantly while I was growing up that you should never hit a woman. Quite frankly I don’t see a lot of reason to go hitting anyone but that’s beside the point. The rule is ‘never hit a woman’ and the reasons given for this rule are usually things like men are stronger than women and women don’t know how to fend for themselves, etc etc.

Sure, those are perfectly good reasons not to hit a woman. I’d also throw in the ‘why the fuck are you hitting people?’ query but I tell you what, there’s another very, very good reason not to hit a woman, and that’s because she might kick your arse and someone might upload video of that arsekicking onto youtube, leaving you to be humiliated on a global level, for all eternity.

That’s exactly what happened to this guy when he tried to beat a hooker in an Iraqi brothel.

That’s some beautiful justice porn right there. What a massive douche! And she annihilates him! Then he goes back for more after taking off his fancy scarf and she throws him around like a bloody ragdoll. It’s bloody beautiful!

Massive douche tip: Don’t hit girls and don’t forget that sometimes girls will hit you right the fuck back.

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