Don’t be a bad winner

A quick and easy way to make sure everyone thinks you’re a massive douche is to be a bad winner. Being a bad sport shows everyone there that you care more about being first than you do about enjoying the competition, so don’t do that.

If you win at something, you deserve to be happy about it, and celebrate it, but gloating and insulting your fellow competitors is a straight up massive douche move.

The following image sums up it up:

Winner of biggest douche in the race.
Winner of biggest douche in the race.

The kid in the picture is winning this race and usually people would be happy for him, but he’s displaying such bad sportsmanship that we’d all rather see him fall flat on his face.

Take a look at the other kids in the race. The majority of them look like they’re far less fit than the kid in the lead. That’s a pretty common thing for bad winners. They’re usually the big fish in the little pond; the shark in with the goldfish so to speak. It’s always fun to see them put into the mix with competitors of their own level and watch them struggle and fall into tantrums upon realising they’re not as outstanding as they previously thought.

Remember just how douchey this kid looks the next time you find yourself about to claim victory, and choose a less dickhead-like reaction as you cross the line.

Massive douche tip: Win or lose, have some dignity about it.

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