Don’t listen to guys who tell you to choke strangers

Ever heard of Julien Blanc? I hope not.

Julien Blanc is a guy with a lot of confidence who has found a way to interact with women without being afraid of them. That is a useful skill to have and he claims to be so good at interacting with women that he can teach other guys how to do it and what it is they’re doing wrong.

None of that sounds so bad, right? I mean, there are plenty of guys out there who want to meet women but can’t, and those guys should be able to get help with that. I have no issue with that but I do have an issue with Julien Blanc and anyone else who goes around teaching guys to not respect women. Want to know a secret, fellas? You can attract women without being a massive douche!

You don’t have to be a disrespectful dickhead to get women. You don’t have to manipulate them. You don’t have to treat them like roaming bags of holes that are available for you to fill until you’re sick of them and then discard. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you anything about how to manipulate women into being attracted to you. The people who do that are preying on the innate instincts and insecurities that we all have and they aren’t the sort of people you find in long, loving relationships with beautiful, intelligent women. They’re usually the sorts of guys who are more than happy to lie to girls, mislead them, pour alcohol into them, or whatever else it takes to get to have access to their fun bits. That’s just flat-out shitty behaviour.

Julien Blanc is one of those sorts of guys. Let me give you an example of his way of thinking.

Like I said, being able to meet women is great, but being a complete douche about it is not. To have the confidence to go up to any woman you want is one thing, but to have the arrogance to think that doing whatever you want to women you don’t know has gotta be a sign of a potential mental health issue.

What Julien McDouche here has figured out, is that women often respond positively to dominant behaviour. What he hasn’t figured out is that there are acceptable ways to act like a caveman and do your primative dominance displays and there are ways that will get you put in prison.

There are usually two reasons guys are out trying to pick up women:

  1. To get laid
  2. To find a potential girlfriend

If you’re just trying to get laid, go out to nightclubs where women are dancing their butts off and dance with them. If you dance with enough women and a do a good enough job dancing, you’ll get laid. Guaranteed.

If you’re looking for a girlfriend, go out and do the things you like to do. Talk with the people who are there and sooner or later you’ll find a girl with similar interests that you like to talk to. Then you’ve gotta ask her out. If she says no, don’t sweat it, find another girl and repeat the process until you find a girl you like, who likes you back.

In either scenario, don’t listen to a guy like Julien Chokesalot. Shit, Australia is doing its level best to kick the guy out of the country. That’s right, the country founded and built by convicted criminals has looked at Julien Blanc and said “This guy is a real piece of shit”.

Massive douche tip: If you need to incorporate choking into your efforts to pick up women, you’re doing something wrong.

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