Martin Shkreli

If you haven’t heard of Martin Shkreli, you’re about to feel a bit worse about the world. I could ramble on about it, but I’ll let the videos do the explaining instead.

Why people hate Martin Shkreli


To sum it up, Martin Shkreli is trying to convince us all that it’s totally fine to price gouge medications that are essential for keeping people alive. He continues to dispute the moral outrage that he’s triggered by doing this in every interview about the subject, and then he suggests that a 5000% price increase was not enough.

In fairness to Shkreli, business is business. As revolting an explanation as that may be to explain to a person who is now dying because they cannot afford the pills they need, at least there’s some heartless but factual rationale to it. Shkreli’s next move however, has no such explanation. It is purely an effort to offend people, something that Shkreli seems to enjoy.

As you might have noticed, many of the people in the videos above refer to Martin Shkreli as a douchebag, a scumbag, and “The most hated CEO in America”, among other derisive descriptions and titles. There’s a reason for this, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, maybe rewatch those videos above.

One of the better aspects of society is that there’s a certain level of douchiness at which the law comes after people. Luckily for us, it tends to work out that people who are being referred to as massive douchebags tend to cross legal lends sooner or later, and thus we see Martin Shkreli being arrested for securities fraud.

Sadly it would appear that the guy who spent $2,000,000 to buy an album just to rub it in the faces of the rest of the people who can’t do so, had enough money up his sleeve to post bail, but it’s surely only a matter of time before Martin Shkreli is behind bars. It’s not nice to wish illness upon people but I have to admit I’d get experience schadenfreude if he were to happen to contract an HIV down the line.

Massive douche tip: Don’t be like Martin Shkreli.

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