Don’t scream at people and kick their cars

We’ve all been in a road rage situation. It’s no fun on either side. Try to remember that ranting like a psychopath tends not to improve a situation.

See below for an example of what not to do…

Note how the driver being screamed at is unable to exchange insurance information with the other driver, because there is a man screaming at him, hitting his car, and threatening to beat him to a pulp. Threatening to beat someone is not a good way to engage in the necessary procedures that come about when an accident has occurred.

Remember, screaming like a maniac is not the way to communicate with your fellow human beings. People respond better to things such as calm, sensible conversation with minimal hand flailing and clenching of fists.

Massive douche tip: When a guy from the military has to step in and tell you you’re being too aggressive, something is massively wrong.

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