It is not hammer time

I don’t speak Russian. Maybe I’m missing some valid explanation for a group of grown men attacking each other with hammers. My hunch however, is that there is no good reason, that this is just mindless, primate level violence. You decide…

These guys sound like a bunch of chimps with the way they’re screeching and squawking.

Never behave in a way that resembles lower order primates, it makes you look bad.

The resemblance in behaviour is bothersome. It’s actually very, very similar to the animals in this video:

Except in this video of enraged Chimps, nobody is pulverised with a hammer when they’re already on the ground. Guys, we need to be sure that we’re behaving more reasonably than the chimps or they’re going to rise up and take the place over.

Beware (image from the film The Planet of the Apes

Massive douche tip: The number of times you should hit a person with a hammer in your lifetime is naught, otherwise known as zero, as in not a single bloody time.

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