3 losers versus 1 guy

In today’s How Not to be a Massive Douche, we see 3 losers versus 1 guy.


In this video, 3 idiots take on one guy. Amusingly, they do so one at a time just like in a classic martial arts movie, and just like in those classic martial arts films our hero makes his multitude of attackers look like fools who have no idea how to fight.

Now, the first two dickheads are cleanly beaten by our hero and, to their credit (sort of), they realise they’ve lost and back out. But douchebag #3 is a rung above the other two. He’s both worse at fighting and worse at being beaten than his two idiot mates. He proves that he’s a worse fighter by bloodying his face up on the fists of a guy who’s just fairly beaten two other guys, and he proves he’s a worse loser by actually spitting at the guy who has just beaten him, after also beating two of his mates.

Spitting at someone is such a low act. It’s the behaviour of a massive douche.

That third guy should never have even gotten into the fight. At best he might have beaten the guy who was tired from fighting his other two friends already, so it’s not much of a win. At worst, just like what happened in the video, he’d be humiliated by a guy who has just fought two guys one after the other and should be easily beatable by a ‘fresh’ fighter. Neither way does #3 guy come out looking good. Like I said, he should have stayed out of it because now we’ve all seen how much of a shitty fighter, and massive douche, he really is.

Massive douche tip: Never, ever spit on someone.

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